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Assistive technology in libraries

Put literacy at the heart of your library community!

Assistive technology loans are a vital part of supporting readers toward confidence and independence. When they can try before they buy their own devices, decisions about support are easier, and finding the right tech becomes an adventure, not a chore.

Digital skills mean digital equity

But it’s not just about trying things out! Access to assistive technology in libraries can change the story for people of all ages too.

Whether it’s opening up reading for pleasure, support for interviews, or working with schools to find the right solutions for learners, assistive technology loans make the world more accessible for all and help communities build the digital skills they need to succeed.

Free trials for those who support learners

We know that you want to explore for yourself and discover how these devices could make reading easier for all. That’s why we offer a FREE trial for assessors and dyslexia support professionals

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