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College special education support that puts learners in control

College study means a growing stack of books to be read. When students with specific learning disabilities hit campus, it’s easy to feel intimidated… but there’s help at hand.

Beat reading anxiety and open their door to the future

Learners with specific learning disabilities might find themselves anxious about college reading. Instead of the next grade, they’re looking over their textbooks at the world of work.

A college reading aid can give them vital confidence and the ability to self-support, helping them prepare for a lifetime of independent reading.

A college reading aid that goes beyond the classroom

Reading happens everywhere on campus: many students are juggling jobs, teams, and study.

That’s why something portable, rechargeable and Wi-Fi-free is such a powerful tool! Unlike human readers, these clever little pen scanners can be used wherever learning happens, not just in the classroom.

Supporting learners through revision season

If it’s not a class test, it’s midterms, and when it’s not midterms it’s finals.

Fatigue sets in when there’s a lot of research and revision to do in only a short period of time. It’s easy to feel burnt out—but with dependable support in their pocket, those long library sessions feel a lot less heavy.

Why we're loved by Georgian College

Students are able to keep their self-esteem intact as they can use the device to read information from a written page in a private manner. As well students can determine definitions of words, record voice memos or parts of lessons, and scans text in multiple languages.

It is discreet and portable which makes it easy for students to carry anywhere they go. The benefits can continue to be optimized in very practical ways with little effort and make such a positive difference in the lives of those who use it. The Reader 2 has revolutionized learning for many students at Georgian College.

— Georgian College

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