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Ever wished you had an ELL teacher on hand all semester?

Studying in English isn’t easy when it’s not your first language. When it’s the dominant language used in tests and lessons, making sure ELLs can understand and learn is top priority. But how do you resource support when multiple learners need help at different levels, and your class is only an hour long?

Try text-to-speech reading tech. Adapt to your learner’s needs and support them when and where they need it most.

It’s easier when we let learners lead the way

It’s important to support English reading, but ELL accommodations need to be agile too: ELLs have different skill levels, different strengths and weaknesses, and different language immersion at home. When we put the power to self-support in their hands it means that no learning time is wasted. They can simply listen, understand, and focus on building their skills.

Finding the right ELL accommodations for tests

There’s a national shortage of ELL teachers — and even if you can find enough, students don’t want to test in a separate room, or with a teacher sitting next to them.

Schools need tools that mean every learner who needs ELL accommodations in tests can have access to them without breaking the bank. That’s where your recommended C-Pen Exam Reader 2 comes in: test-safe, zero-storage reading support that’s discreet and cost-effective.

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